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10 Weeks of creative encounters in our private Facebook group for mummas only....

During 2019, over ten weeks we set a weekly creative provocation for our group.  for the tough ones we also set up online forms to collect anonymous responses.  These are the posts and an example of the responses.  We took these intoour days of creative development to explore and they will serve as the foundation of our 'script' alongside collected interviews during workshops.

FB CW WEEK 1.jpg

Week 1

99 tabs open in your brain

Hello lovely people!

The mental load of motherhood is a little like having ninety-nine tabs open in your web browser (your brain being the web browser).

Do you have a collection of objects that highlight this motherload well? eg Shopping lists, notes from your kids, all the tissues and acorns you’ve gathered from pockets before washing clothes.

Please share in photos or words.

FB CW WEEK 4.png

Week 4

five senses of motherload

Hi Mothers, this week we're getting sensual! We'd love you to tell us about what the mental load of motherhood feels like to you? Looks like? Smells like? Tastes like? Sounds like? Pick one or more senses and write about it in the comments below (or take a photo or record a sound if you're feeling extra inspired).

FB CW WEEK 7.jpg

Week 7

does the mental load change as our kids get older?

This week we'd love you to tell us if the mental load has changed depending upon the age of your children and if so how? Do you worry about different things? Have your responsibilities, expectations, attitudes changed? Do you have more time, less time, no time? How has the journey shifted (if at all)?

FB CW WEEK 10.jpg

Week 10

a mother I know

This week we invite you to make an ode to a mother you know. We want to celebrate the extraordinary in the ordinary, the beautiful, quirky and glorious, mother queens and goddesses in our everyday lives. Please share with us moments/stories/observations small or huge of a mumma in your life - a friend, your mum, an aunt, one of your children's friend's mum, a colleague, your partner... share as many as you like.


To make an anonymous post please use this link:…/motherload---fb-week-10

We 'd also like to ask you to share this link with people you know - so partners, siblings, friends, grown children... have a chance to sing your or another mums praises ( you'll never actually know).

FB CW WEEK 2.png

Week 2

our kids & their future

When our babies are born they are perfect to us. We cocoon them and nurture them and gently release them into the world. This week we ask mums. What do you hope for your kids future in this world? What do you fear for your kids future in this world?

FB CW WEEK 5.png

Week 5

sleepy song

Hello beautiful mothers. A sweet creative sharing this week. What songs do you sing to get your children to sleep?

Are they made up? Are they songs that lulled you as a child?

Is it Brahms or AC/DC that tames your tiny wild beasts?

We would love to hear your songs. Record yourself singing your child to sleep. If you aren’t comfortable singing for others, lyrics or song titles in the comments section are also perfectly acceptable.

FB CW WEEK 8.jpg

Week 8

When it's too much

Confession: We all make mistakes. We all feel shame. Please tell us of a time when the mental load became too much and it exploded, or imploded. 

Anonymous contribution link>>

FB CW WEEK 3.jpg

Week 3

mental load self-sabotage

Despite the overwhelmingness of the REALITY of the MENTAL LOAD of mothers... this week we would like you to think about and share how you self sabotage yourself and add to your own mental load in unnecessary ways..... are you terrible at delegating? do you fall into the 'it would be easier/quicker/better if I just do it myself' trap - (would it really? does it matter?? really matter??) are you a perfectionist? do you procrastinate? do you 'buy into' ways/things/ideas of how a family/home/life 'should' be?? Indulge me as the devils advocate and/or tell me a tale of triumph in reducing your motherload ... share a story, a song, a list, image, photo, meme

FB CW WEEK 6.jpg

Week 6

superheros, villians and goddesses

Hello beauteous ones. - This week, we’re delving into mythology and comics.

The image of Medusa with her multi-headed locks, and Parvati with her multi-limbed torso keep surfacing within the group.

Please share which Goddess, Superhero or Villain comes to your mind when thinking about the Motherload. What do you love about her?

If you can’t think of a pre-existing Goddess, Superhero or Villain that fits just right, PLEASE feel free to make her up!

FB CW WEEK 9.jpg

Week 9

expectations vs reality

Hello beautiful mothers. This week’s creative task: what did you think it was going to be like being a mother? How has the reality differed (or not) from your expectations?

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