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mother of two, director, producer, dramaturge, teaching artist, theatre maker

As an artist I was a ‘late bloomer’ - studying life science at uni when I ‘fell’ into theatre through my second major of English Literature and it quickly became the focus of my energy and passion. I taught high school science, health and drama while directing as much as possible, starting my own ‘company’ to do work that challenged me and my friends who graciously join me, supported and inspired me with their amazing skills. I left Tassie at the ripe age of 27 to study directing at the Victorian College of the Arts, a life changing year. I fully immersed myself in the independent/ fringe theatre scene in Melbourne and dived back in to working with young people through fabulous gigs at St Martins Youth Arts, artist in schools programs and teaching uni and tafe students. My dream job moved me to regional SA to be Artistic Director of Riverland Youth Theatre, a life changing three and a half years and such a privilege. Family and the wilderness called me back to Tasmania about 8 years ago. Since then I’ve worked for most Hobart Arts orgs in admin/management roles, directed a few shows I’m really proud of, meet my partner and have been blessed with two children who are funny, kind, wilful and adventurous. Motherhood has been the most humbling experience, I fail all the time, I wish I was more creative with them and less anxious, I’m exhausted, I often long for the pre kid time when I could be indulgent in my theatre practice, but I fiercely love them and often catch myself being amazed that they are actually here and we are us and me no longer just I. ‘MENTAL- the mother load’ is me fighting for small ways to stay connected to my practice and my tribe while I ‘take time out to raise a family’. It’s hard but the alternative is too frightening to contemplate.


mother of four, writer, actor, director, theatre maker

 I’m a Mum of four extremely diverse humans who are, of course, amazing, intelligent, creative, caring, and mind-bogglingly frustrating.  In the creative world, I’m a Jack of all and master of none. My career has consisted of performing, writing, directing, paperwork, designing, making sets, painting, sewing and more paperwork.  In Launceston, I began syzygy theatre works with Jane Johnson, and toured several theatre shows which explored confronting themes such as eating disorders and suicide to Tasmanian schools. This transformed into Mudlark Theatre. With baby number four on the way, I stepped back from Mudlark and decided writing was more practical while parenting.   Since then, I’ve moved to Hobart, and written for the stage and screen.   Unlike Bryony, who can no longer watch horror movies, motherhood has brought more darkness into my work. I may have a loud goofy laugh but my stories tend to be psychologically disturbing... the type where people say “but you’re a mother, how can you write that?”  One outlet for this has been producing radio plays for stage with Radio Gothic - you may have seen one of our shows as part of Dark Mofo the last couple years. Besides art and parenting, I’ve fried chicken, dealt cards, taught yoga and am now working for a beautiful chiropractor.  I have yet to figure out the ideal balance of parenting, work, art and play, and have a sneaking suspicion this balance is a fantasy.  I am now embarking on a new period of my life and co-parenting the four beautiful humans that call me Mum.


mother of three, film director, producer, writer

I’m a filmmaker, mother of three human creatures (except when they occasionally morph into ghastly monsters!) and organiser of school fairs. I am delighted to have been invited on board this project as an artist mother but also to help record moments/stories during the various creative development phases. I studied at UTAS where I got Honours 1st Class in philosophy but really triumphed in my role as president of the philosophical society - original one act play festivals, nude calendars and more! After university I lost my way creatively for a while until I actually started creating babies. I made one of my first films just after the birth of my first baby and just kept making films and making babies for a number of years after that. One of my first films was the (self-proclaimed) cult classic CUPCAKE: A ZOMBIE LESBIAN MUSICAL which screened at more than 50 international festivals around the world and won numerous awards. Since then I’ve made many more horror/fantasy comedy films that have also enjoyed festival success and in fact a recent horror short I AM UNDONE is now part of feature anthology film A NIGHT OF HORROR VOLUME 1. More recently I’ve also been involved in some more ‘respectable’ but still delightful projects including WOMEN OF THE ISLAND, a web series of short documentaries telling the stories of Tasmanian women. In the last year I’ve also launched Vexatious Films which focusses on stories of women, fantasy, monsters and weirdness. My three kids have all entered full time school this year so I feel like I suddenly have an astounding amount of time to be productive in and have been scheming, filming, and drinking too much coffee.


mother of  two, actor, puppeteer, theatre maker.

I am 33, have two children under 4 and am living in Molesworth, the town where I grew up and the town I vowed that even though I loved, I would never move back to, as it is too far inland - I am a saltwatery mermaid at heart (a little briny perchance. ) My first born is a little boy named Kit, who is proving to be an engaging, emotional, empathetic and incredibly cheeky soul- a boy who adores other humans and animals almost as much as he adores train tracks, baby pickles and Bluey. My second born is Culley, who has a soul made of music. His comic timing leaves mine for dead, he has the filthiest laugh I’ve ever heard, he’s crazy brave when tackling new obstacles and he will probably win a Darwin Award if he continues on his trajectory of climbing things, pushing buttons and fighting our pet rabbit for vegies.

 I studied musical theatre at the Conservatorium for a few years but left without a degree to perform in my first professional theatre show and have been working in performance ever since. I have worked locally, interstate and internationally with several different theatre and film companies and am careering further into design and construction, mainly for Terrapin Puppet Theatre. I'm a bit of a jack of all trades and am always happy to have a crack at anything if I am given the opportunity.  Highly ambivalent, incredibly opportunistic, and constantly suffering from imposter syndrome, I still get shit done, occasionally.  As a mother I have become more fierce and more assertive than I ever thought possible, I can no longer watch horror films, and I am a lot less tolerant of male entitlement than I ever was before. In the workplace I am desperately trying to create great work, while also experiencing the turmoil of wondering how much flexibility I should really expect as a mother, even though I believe we deserve as much as we need. Bad habits include a diet of partially pre-masticated toast and saying sorry too  often. 


mother of three, actor, puppeteer, director, theatre maker

I’m Mel King, I’m 50 married with three incredible boys. I never really had male friends apart from my besty who is gay, until I started making boys. My life’s a cliche, but they are the best thing I’ve ever made. Hands down mic drop. But when I’m not with them for the last 26 years I have been a professional actor puppeteer collaborator and now director working across mediums, predominantly theatre but also film tv and radio. I’ve toured nationally and internationally for work making the bulk of my low income from what I love. Apart from my kids my work is my passion. I can’t imagine hating my work like some of my friends do who have to keep going for the mortgage etc. Fortunately I get to work with new people all the time creating fresh experiences and friendships and keeping me hungry for the next one. I love my job. I couldn’t maintain a practise without supplementing my income with other work I do mostly in production management and events, which I also really dig. Having a partner that supports this crazy lifestyle is also a bonus. I am very lucky and am surrounded by incredible women/mothers in most aspects of my life who inspire me to keep going and help me be the artist I am today. I still love what I do. ❤️🙏

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