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Week 10

a mother I know

I know several mums who truly inspire me. One mum is handling two young boys on her own, another mum is coping with her youngest being sick and not having answers, another working full time again, one mum is studying full time. These things might sound not much out of the ordinary but they are what make each of us an extraordinary mum. What I admire about all of these goddesses that I am surrounded by is their resolve to do the best they can no matter what life is throwing at them. We get together and laugh and cry and we can all rely on each other to pull those struggling up. We don't see each other every day or week or even month but no matter who puts the call in one of these over-stretched mums will jump to help.

a mother I know my very own, gone to her heavenly place, despite her struggles with lifelong ill health is remembered by all for her motherly ways, her loyal ways, her gentle ways, her emotional ways, her creative ways her resilient ways; from afternoon teas to greeting cards . advice and comfort and worry and wishes . I know she is still with me I just look at my hands and feet, my face and smile... O.... DNA..... the mother I know..... her spirit is still in me!

A mother I know was widowed in her late 30s with 5 children under 12. She’d just moved across the world to live in Australia 3 months before her husband was killed- likely murdered.   She lived until she was in her late 70s and loved her 9 grand children very much.

When I was in primary school, I spend a lot of time at my best friends house. They had 7 kids pretty close in age and their house was SO different to mine. They had no tv, none of their food came out of packaging, it was all homemade or freshly picked, their clothes were mostly homemade, we often went camping or surfing or canoeing as a family and their mum used to play with us all the time. I loved it there and since becoming a mum I have thought about her more and more. She had SEVEN kids to look after! Cooked, sewed, cleaned, did all of the mum things with a big smile. And always welcomed me into her home with all the love and patience she shared with all of her children . She had the best smile.

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