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February - May 2018

A seed creative development project engaging artists who are mothers to explore and research the experience of mental load.

Core performing artists Julie Waddington, Bryony Geeves, Mel King, Carrie McLean and Rebecca Thomson collaborated and led investigation through a series of creative practice workshops and online interaction. Artist mothers from across Tasmania and Australia engaged with the project creatively inputting in a way that suited them without negatively adding to their mental load.

Stage one concluded with a two days in the studio for the core team to explore the materials generated along with additional research and personal discoveries.  The group reported to a audience of industry peers and participants in an open sharing.


329 members & growing

16 Creative Tasks with 524 responses from 112 members

"I have found myself 'waiting' for the next task...and really enjoying the network of mothers who comment and are open and like-minded in the challenges that we all face. It's so soothing to know we are not alone. Even if it really doesn’t CHANGE my situation. It is reassuring. And that's awesome."

"It has impacted me positively! Particularly the sense of solidarity with like minded women. Some tasks I've found confronting and haven't been able to do, but I've thought a lot about them and been really interested in what others have written. I'm inspired by the everyday stories of women pursuing arts practice while raising children and it has made me think that I should try to create some more art at some point when I have some time to myself... whenever that may be."


Download our FB Snapshot>> for more details

The closed group will continue with weekly tasks in 2018 - join here:  Mental – The Mother Load Project>>


3 x 2 hour workshops

15 participants

34++ wanted to participate

70% of Facebook group who gave feedback wanted to attend a workshop – couldn’t due to childcare, work, to busy, metal load too big.

Participants engaged in a range of creative activities including drawing, life storytelling, craft, movement, and creative writing.  We discovered and shared our superhero selves, laughed and were moved by the beauty of each others words.

Check out workshop photos in our Gallery>>


Stage one was supported by:








Many thanks also to:  Leigh Tesch, kcdWORKS, Annette Downs, our families and all the mummas who joined us online and in person.

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