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Week 6

Which Goddess, Superhero or Villain comes to mind when thinking about the Motherload?

Maa Durga.’

‘The image of Medusa with her multi-headed locks, and Parvati with her multi-limbed torso!’

‘Wonder woman, although sadly I have neither a lasso of truth, magic golden bracelets that deflect bullets, fierce warrior skills or an invisible plane. However, I do have super-hearing (able to hear a child's breathing change from down the hall at 2 am), the ability to deflect bullets of spite flying between my children while driving my hopefully highly visible car and fierce tickling and pillow-fighting skills.’


            - ‘You just reminded me of the magical superpower of breasts... how they would tingle two        minutes before bubs would wake for a feed.’



‘Khaleesi mother of dragons.  I have 3 boys/ 3 dragons. I would do anything for them and they would me. Maybe not burn down villages thank fully. But our love is fierce and fiery none-the-less.’

‘Diana! She’s Italian, goddess of motherhood, loves dogs, swore not to marry (one slip-up is allowed surely). And associated with the wild and woods. I love bears and wild woods.’

‘The Goddess are the women who have worked with me, listened to me, inspired me, encouraged me, laughed with me, cried with me, had drinks and coffee with me. So many sisters reaching across this land. I acknowledge them as Goddesses for they are integral to my story.’

‘Antigone - sticks to her guns to honour her family and what she thinks is right. And, is fuelled by anger because that's how I feel some days.’

‘I feel like a protector and fighter for truth and justice.  One of the Goddesses.  Maeve maybe, or Brigid.’

‘At a wits end moment, I may have yelled at my kids. Miss 10 pipes up “You really ARE Mrs Weasley, Mum!”

... So I put forward Mrs Weasley as my Motherload character for this week. The woman who has birthed seven red-haired Weasleys, who embarrasses her kids, chastises them loudly, loves them all fiercely, opens her arms and heart to other kids needing love, falls into a puddle of tears on the ground when facing a Boggart that transforms into the dead bodies of her family, and carries the mental/caring load of the resistance.’

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