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A creative documentary performance exploring the beauty, grotesque and poetic in the madness and mundane of motherhood.


Building on results of their seed creative development in 2018, Artist Mothers -Julie Waddington, Bryony Geeves, Mel King, Carrie McLean and Rebecca Thomson will collaborate and research the experience of mental load through a series of creative writing / storytelling workshops, interviews and online interaction with mothers.


Verbatim material generated during the research phase will be explored in an intensive period of creative development, alongside puppetry, film and physical theatre towards the first draft of a new performance work.


Support Us

During our seed creative development in 2018 mothers made it loud and clear that they crave opportunities to share their stories. Stage Two of the project will see the creation of a first draft script and a work in progress showing.


Stage Two will involve extensive research through engagement with mothers during storytelling workshops and/or interviews. We would like to reach mothers across Tasmania and when we can provide adjunct care for children to remove participation barriers.


We are in the process of applying for funding to cover costs of artists, materials, travel, documentation and other project costs.  We have reached out to a wide range of community organisations and have lined up a number of strategic partners to help us deliver the community consultation part of Stage Two.  These partners are providing in-kind support in a number of ways including:

  • workshop space(s)

  • promotion of the project and workshops to members, clients etc

  • organisational support and/or volunteers for adjunct care

  • cups of tea for artists & participants

  • accomodations for artists when working away from Hobart.

Thank you to the following organisations who have pledge support for the project in 2019: Child Health Association of Tasmania, Derwent Valley Community House, Chigwell Community House, Dodges Ferry Community House, Ten Days on the Island.

And a huge thank you to the Tasmanian Theatre Company who have offered financial support and in-kind auspice services for the project.

For more information please contact Julie Waddington at


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