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The Motherload

The Motherload is an interactive live gameshow where two teams compete for the crown of Ultimate Queen Mumma.

For each performance four guest mum ‘contestants’ join The Motherload host and Team Captains on stage for a series of bizarre, boisterous and downright hilarious tasks torn from the very real experiences of motherhood. Guaranteed to provide laughter, relatability and catharsis for mothers and non-mothers alike.

Co-creators:  Julie Waddington, Carrie McLean, Bryony Geeves, Melissa King and Rebecca Thomson 

Direction:                  Julie Waddington 
Performers:              Bryony Geeves, Melissa King, Carrie McLean 
Sound Design:          Jacky Collyer
Production Design:  Ros Wren 

Touring Regional Tasmania in 2023 - Book Now!

Burnie Arts and Function Centre - May 5 & 6

Theatre Royal Hobart - May 12 & 13

Theatre North: George Town - June 1, Deloraine - 2 June & Scottsdale - 3 June

more dates and locations to be announced

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"The three performers are buoyant, joyous, spontaneous, clever, resourceful … perfect, in fact.  As directed by Julie Waddington, the show is intelligent, generous, warm and laugh-out-loud funny. Its serious moments are sincere without being cloying."

Robert Jarman, ArtsHub


"Medicine is the perfect word for it. I really needed the belly laughs. Walked out feeling I was doing a good job despite the tantrums, bickering and inconsistent discipline!"

Melissa, widowed mum of three young boys

"My pelvic floor was not strong enough to withstand the laughter generated from this show"

Cassie Xintavelonis, mum of two

"I am so grateful to have met you mummas - thank you so much for the incredible gift of being a part of such a funny, uplifting and needed show for mumma’s and their friends and partners. I really recommend it to everyone! Xox"

Kerri Kleinig, mum of two

"What an awesome premier season! Can’t wait to see this tour to mums everywhere, who will laugh and cry, be validated and feel empowered all at once! Such important work! Congratulations to the whole team!" 

Jacqueline de Jonge mum of two 

"Being in The Motherload was the best thing I have done in as long as I can remember. Before it started I was completely terrified but by the end I was feeling joyously alive and there were many moments in between when I was laughing so hard I cried. I found the show's deeper side unexpectedly moving too. Some of the quotes from other mothers took my breath away. They made me realise that although everyone's experience of motherhood is unique; many of our highs (heart-piercingly tender, precious and fleeting) and our lows (often unspoken, even amongst friends) at each stage of the journey are startlingly similar. Sitting in the theatre I felt a sense of connection that was a consolation and an inspiration. I wished that every parent could see the show - the amazing team who made it deserve funding for essential services to humankind." 

Michelle Pratley

"This experience will stay with me for a long time…. GO SEE IT! It was awesome!" 

Bron Robertson-Milne, mum of two

"An emotional, expressive and cathartic trimester of gritty, honest and provocative theatre, right down to the pearlescent sheen of the clittoral curtain. . ." 

Paul Rubie (not a mum but makes a damn fine quiche!)

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